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3642 On the evening of 17 July 2017 I drove from the campsite nearby Billingsfors to Erikstad.
Here a new track was opened in 1995 that connected to the railway to Norway and replaced the one close to Mellerud that had way to sharp curves for high speed passages.
I already looked this spot up on Google Maps, but when I arrived there, it proved to be a less good location for filming because of the lack of a good view on the tracks in both directions.
Still the presence of the power plant with brand new (but seemingly unused and still unconnected) tracks and the long points made me decide to stay and make me try my luck.
The first train I spotted was the X52 9078 with train 376 going in North.
After that, Tagab Rc3 1040 with train 7011 passed in the opposite direction.
30 minutes later the high speed train from Oslo (73B nr 73041 NSB) with train 399 passed to Göteborg.
I tried to capture the changing of the point and knew I only had one change left (I missed the first).
Luckily I was on time and caught the long tracks being moved by the 4 motors.
About 45 seconds later Green Cargo Rd2 1070 passed with train 46042 going to the South with a nice freight train (and a broken headlight).
The timetable showed there would come one train before it was too dark, but I had to wait more than an hour.
I decided to wait for it and sort some pictures in the meantime.
Some 60 minutes later, I heard a strange noise and got out of the car to try and see what was making it.
It turned out to be a barking reebok that I probably scared.
I even saw it crossing the tracks just before 'my' train (Green Cargo Rd2 1030 with train 9422) passing in the fading light.
Not the best spot I found, not the best catch I had this summer but nevertheless a great evening spent filming nice trains!
17-07-2017 23-03-2018
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  • Sweden
  • Place
  • Erikstad
  • Powersupply
  • Electric
  • Train/Engine
  • Rc
  • Rd
  • type 73
  • X52
  • Operator
  • Green Cargo
  • NSB
  • SJ
  • TagAB
  • Västtrafik
  • Track
  • Electrified
  • Subject
  • Train
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  • Video
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  • Trains and Trucks
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