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3643 On the warm summer evening of 20-7-2017 I wanted to pay the former station of Brålanda a visit.
Not sure if it would be any good, I just drove to the big silo’s. Hoping there was some nice lookout point there.
At first I was not too happy, since you could not look too far in either direction and there was not a siding to the silo, so I drove around a bit to find a better place.
I knew I had to get back in time to film the Norwegian train, so got back and decided the characteristic station and the loading area were enough reason to stay.
The NSB 73B 73142 rushed by at 21:08 as train 399 to Göteborg.
Shortly after that TagAB train 7011 pulled by Rc3 1040 passed in the same direction.
I had to wait some time (more than one hour) so I drove to the windmills close by to film them, as well as some cats that wandered around the station.
Next the Green Cargo Rc4 1190 passed to Göteborg as train 5551 and you clearly see a nasty dent in the tracks causing the wagons to jump around.
Since I did not get too many trains already, I decided to wait for the last one and move to the other side (the sun was long gone now) and caught Green Cargo Rd2 nr 1083 with the oil train (nr 9422).
Nice to have been able to document this historic place and catch some beautiful trains.
20-07-2017 05-04-2018
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  • type 73
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  • Green Cargo
  • NSB
  • TagAB
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  • Electrified
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