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3640 For the summer holiday of 2017 I did my homework and used Google Earth to try and find some nice locations for train spotting 'close' to the campsite.
One of these locations was a little south of Brålanda, where a road runs along the railway.
Here you get a nice view and the crossings on the north and south make for an early warning system for me.
After a 40 minutes drive from the campsite, I knew I had to hurry since train 45959 was on it's way.
I was not totally happy with my location, but the ligths stopped blinking and shortly after I saw the 3 lights of Green Cargo Rc4 1194 with a very short freight train goin south to Öxnered
Knowing I wanted to change postion, I relocated and waited for the passenger train X52 nr 9077 (train nr 376) from Västtrafik to Åmål to pass.
After that I found the best spot and had to wait some time before Green Cargo Rd2 nr 1111 with train nr 5551 (again to the south) showed up.
The map showed that Tagab train 7011 was on it's way and shortly after I saw Rc3 nr 1040 passing by with a nice passenger train.
Some 30 minutes later the train from Oslo to Göteborg, a 73B with nr 73041 from the NSB passed as train 399.
As it started to get darker, we see the Green Cargo Rd2 nr 1115 with train 6561 passing to Öxnered
After that I got lucky as Green Cargo Rc4 nr 1311 turned op going to the south with train 9743 in the fading daylight.
On the map I saw there was still 1 train coming and even though it is actually too dark for video, I decided to wait.
It appeared to be Green Cargo Rd2 nr 1081 with train 9422 coming from Öxnered to the north with some tank wagons.
After a very successful evening / night of trainspotting I returned home to the campsite.
19-07-2017 05-02-2018
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  • Sweden
  • Place
  • Brålanda
  • Powersupply
  • Electric
  • Train/Engine
  • Rc
  • Rd
  • type 73
  • X52
  • Operator
  • Green Cargo
  • NSB
  • SJ
  • TagAB
  • Västtrafik
  • Track
  • Electrified
  • Subject
  • Train
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  • Video
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  • Trains and Trucks
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    type 73
    Green Cargo