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Date Title Description
03-01-2019 v1.00 CMS : linked table Started with linked tables.
28-12-2018 v1.00 CMS pagination ready The pagination buttons below the tables are ready
26-12-2018 v1.00 limit is working (CMS) The limit part of a select query is working.
24-12-2018 v1.00 CMS update, insert en delete simple version ready The update, insert and delete statements for pages with only 1 table work. After this pages with linked tables have to be programmed.
23-12-2018 v1.00 CMS stuff added Today a couple of things have been added to the CMS part. - Function for creating inputs - Row for adding data - Column for buttons (only when needed) - Row for searching - mySQLi with an array as parameter for the 'where' statement.
21-12-2018 v1.00 Base select query ready for CMS The first (simple) mySQLi query is made via jQuery + php
20-12-2018 v1.00 Started with jQuery - Ajax for tables Today I started with the jQuery - Ajax logic that will generate the tables for my CMS
03-12-2018 v1.00 sidebar dynamic The sidebar for the menu is now dynamic.
03-12-2018 v1.00 header made dynamically The header is now dynamic with working links.
02-12-2018 v1.00 created base layout Today the base layout for the CMS has been made
02-12-2018 v1.00 inlog ready Loginscreen is ready.
28-11-2018 v1.00 started with the new CMS Today I've started with the new CMS (the old one does not function anymore, hence the few updates....)
16-11-2018 v1.00 trucks page ready The truks page is also ready
16-11-2018 v1.00 image table page is ready The page to show images is ready.
14-11-2018 v1.00 index page ready The index page is now ready.
14-11-2018 v1.00 language selection works The language selection works
14-11-2018 v1.00 Placeholder in search fields In the search fields there is now a placeholder.
14-11-2018 v1.00 color header set The color of the active module is now set in the header
22-10-2017 v1.00 Search filter options Searching the filter options is now possible.
19-10-2017 v1.00 Erase and erase all button The erase and erase all buttons now depend on anything to be erased.
19-10-2017 v1.00 Show filter responsive The filter button is now responsive.
19-10-2017 v1.00 Height filter responsive The height of the filterfields is now responsive.
18-10-2017 v1.00 set height improved Setting the height of a filterset does not cause a jump to the top of the page anymore.
18-10-2017 v1.00 save height filter field Saving the height of the filter field works now.
04-10-2017 v1.00 Tables ready The php file that creates tables is ready
02-10-2017 v1.00 Trains page ready The trains page is ready
30-08-2017 v1.00 Linkpage is ready The linkpage is ready.
30-08-2017 v1.00 infopage is ready The infopage is ready.
30-08-2017 v1.00 Newspage ready The newspage is ready.
30-08-2017 v1.00 index page almost ready The index page is almost ready. We only need to add the image php file later.
27-08-2017 v1.00 Responsive design Today the first steps have been made to the responsive design of
24-08-2017 v0.10 mysqli update live All front end pages have been converted to mysqli
09-05-2017 v01.0 Front end converted All php files that visitors see are converted to MySQLi. Now the back end will follow (CMS). After that we will refactor all our php files in preparation of creating a more responsive site.
09-05-2017 v0.10 Linktable converted The LinkTable page is converted to MySQLi.
09-05-2017 v0.10 Infotable converted The InfoTable page is converted to MySQLi.
09-05-2017 v0.10 ImageFilter converted The ImageFilter file is converted to MySQLi.
08-05-2017 v0.10 AjaxTable omgezet Today the AjaxTable page is converted to MySQLi.
19-04-2017 v0.10 Statstable migrated The statstable page is migrated
19-04-2017 v0.10 AjaxFilter migrated The AjaxFilterpage was migrated to MySqli.
05-04-2017 v0.10 Linkpage migrated The linkpage is migrated to mysqli.
05-04-2017 v0.10 Infopage migrated The infopage is migrated to mysqli
27-03-2017 v0.10 The page imagetable.php is converted to mysqli.
20-03-2017 v0.10 index ready The index page is ready for v0.10
20-03-2017 v0.10 start Because the time available for the development of v1.00 is limited, we decided to develop v0.10 first. In this version mySQLi will be introduced (because mySQL is depreciated in PHP 7) and we will try to make the site more mobile friendly.
27-02-2017 3300 images Today the 3300th image was added!
17-10-2016 3200 images Today we have passed the 3200 images on trainsandtrucks!
05-10-2016 v1.00 utf8 After the update to another webserver, the database did not return text in UTF8 coding anymore. This is solved.
23-09-2016 Update new server The site was migrated to a new server and everything is working fine!
27-05-2016 3100 images The 3100th image was added!
12-05-2016 v1.00 different heights filterbox The filterboxes can now have different heights.
12-05-2016 v1.00 filtering continued I've started to work on the filtering process
03-03-2016 v1.00 filter buttons show active state The filter buttons now show their active state and set them also. (active or inactive). The real filtering of images does not work yet.
26-02-2016 v1.00 filteroptions now button The filter options are now buttons and have a disabled property when the nr of images linked is nul.
25-02-2016 v1.00 footer in small viewports By solving the little bug in the positioning of the footer, the layout for small viewports did not function like it should. This is solved.
22-02-2016 v1.00 search for filter values Searching the lists of filtervalues was added.
22-02-2016 v1.00 bug with position footer solved There was a problem with the position of the footer when the page had less than 100% height.
21-02-2016 v1.00 values filterfields The values of the various filterfields are now also shown.
20-02-2016 v1.00 other fields The other fields were also added to the base of the filter php.
19-02-2016 v1.00 filterfields base added The base php script for the filter fields was added. It is making use of the height that is stored.
18-02-2016 v1.00 height filter via php The height setting of filter fields is now stored in a php variable so that php can react to this.
18-02-2016 v1.00 bug in clear filters After switching to Ajax, there was a small bug in the site when clearing all filters. This is solved.
15-02-2016 Dick van der Eijk joins TnT Dick van der Eijk is joining trainsandtrucks. His loveley train pictures will be added to our site.
14-02-2016 v1.00 Sort is working The sort field above the filters is working using Ajax.
12-02-2016 v1.00 Google fetching The trains page is now fetched by Google. While a real visitor is viewing the page using Ajax.
12-02-2016 v1.00 hide filter with Ajax The hide and show buttons for the filter part did not work after implementing Ajax. This is solved.
11-02-2016 v1.00 Ajax and trains page The trains.php and trucks.php are planned and work with a load message.
07-02-2016 v1.00 linkpage added The page with links was added.
07-02-2016 v1.00 infotable ready The page showing general information about trainsandtrucks is ready.
06-02-2016 v1.00 404 page added A custom 404 page was added.
06-02-2016 v1.00 mysql and utf-8 MySql is now returning utf-8 characters, so that the ï is rendering as it should.
06-02-2016 v1.00 uneven rows in table The uneven rows now have another background color.
06-02-2016 v1.00 news.php The page showing all the news is ready.
06-02-2016 v1.00 newstable vp1 working The newstable is now also working on smaller screens.
05-02-2016 v1.00 Ajax and Google We found a solution for working with Ajax and, at the same time, letting Google see our content.
05-02-2016 v1.00 Newstable added The newstable was added to the index page.
02-02-2016 v1.00 screen size detection A first attempt to detect screen size during an Ajax call is ready.
02-02-2016 v1.00 structure pages The structure of the pages is simplified.
31-01-2016 v1.00 index - info The information part of the index page (left) is now fed with data from the database (using mysqli).
31-01-2016 v1.00 header ajax call The first Ajax call was successfully implemented. With this call the user language selection is stored.
29-01-2016 v1.00 header and footer dynamic The header and footer have been made dynamic (php).
29-01-2016 v1.00 Start php We have started creating the dynamic pages for v1.00
27-01-2016 v1.00 created filter section The list with filter options has been created.
24-01-2016 v1.00 Filterhead created The head of the filter part is created.
23-01-2016 v1.00 page load speed The page is loading much faster as various div's are hidden on certain viewports.
23-01-2016 v1.00 show and hide filters The buttons to show and hide filters are working now.
19-01-2016 v1.00 button for showing filters A button to show filters has been added to the small and medium viewport.
19-01-2016 v1.00 footer now ok The rendering of the footer is improved.
27-12-2015 v1.00 Links in menu made larger The links in the header menu are larger now.
27-12-2015 v1.00 Footer added The footer was added and is staying at the bottom of the page.
27-12-2015 v1.00 imagepage ready The new imagepage (static version) is ready.
26-12-2015 v1.00 imageTable details The details table for large screens from the image page is ready.
25-12-2015 v1.00 image imagetable The image from the imagetable is aligned in the centre.
25-12-2015 v1.00 imageTable header improved The header of the imagetable is improved.
11-12-2015 3000 images Today the 3000th image has been added!
22-08-2015 2900 images The 2900th image has been added!
10-08-2015 Cookie notice Today the cookie notice was added.
10-05-2015 v1.00 static version ready The static version of version 1.00 is ready.
10-05-2015 v1.00 Image page responsive The image page is made responsive.
04-05-2015 v1.00 header image page The header of the imagepage is ready for PC's and tablets.
01-05-2015 v1.00 started with image page After a period of little development, we have started the image page for trains and trucks v1.00
13-04-2015 2800th image Today the 2800th image has been added!
21-03-2015 Linkpage The link page is working again.
21-03-2015 68 new scans Today 68 new Swedish truck pictures were scanned.
21-02-2015 Bugfix upload part A small bug was fixed in the upload part of the website.
20-02-2015 Subject added to imagepage In the header of the image page there is now a short subject. With this change the version of the site was updated to 0.06
20-02-2015 CMS improved The CMS has been improved and allows to go from the category - link page to the field edit page (and back).
20-02-2015 Tags with image At the bottom of the image page, tags were added. This will improve the site's performance with search engines. (SEO)
18-02-2015 Meta data The image page has been modified to show meta data.
17-02-2015 2700 images Today the 2700th image has been added!
13-02-2015 Image editing page improved The web page that allows us to add a description and tags to an image has been improved.
12-02-2015 Panoramic pictures 74 panoramic pictures from Sweden - 2006 will be added the next days.
08-02-2015 Cooperation with Mario van Lint Trains and trucks is teaming up with Mario van Lint to share our ASG truck pictures. They can be ordered at his site via (a link will be added below the picture).
07-02-2015 FB friendly page The image page is now more facebook friendly.
16-12-2014 Pictures processed Today the last Dutch picture from the period 1995-2003 was added.
20-11-2014 2600 images The 2600th image was been added today.
14-11-2014 From Sweden to Holland The Swedish pictures have been added. Moving on to the Dutch pictures.
23-10-2014 Moving site Our site has been moved to another server by our webhost.
03-10-2014 CMS improvements Some CMS improvements have been made, to make modifications to images easier.
25-09-2014 v1.00 pagination ready The pagination (buttons under a table) is ready.
20-09-2014 Scanning pictures We began with the scanning and editing of 200 pictures from 1995 - 2003.
18-09-2014 v1.00 Homepage ready The responsive design of the homepage is ready.
16-09-2014 v1.00 Newstable ready The responsive design for the newstable is ready.
11-09-2014 Series ready The pictures from the Utrechts Archief are online. Now we are going to scan older pictures.
02-09-2014 v1.00 menu and navigation The responsive part of the menu / navigation is ready.
22-08-2014 2400 images Today the 2400th image has been added.
13-08-2014 Holiday over Our holiday is over and updates will start again on a regular basis.
25-07-2014 v1.00 Base grid ready The base grid of the landing page (home) is ready.
25-07-2014 Responsive design Behind the scenes we're working on a new layout that emphasizes 'Responsive design' (in short, making sure that the website will render well on other devices, such as smartphones). When we post an update, we will tell if it's working for v1.00 or the current version.
15-07-2014 2300 images Today the 2300th image has been added!
23-06-2014 Sorting images The sorting key from the 'trains' and 'trucks' pages has been altered to make the newest images appear on top.
23-06-2014 2200 images Today the 2200th image has been added!
05-06-2014 2100 images Today the 2100th image has been added!
30-05-2014 Sorting latest images The sorting of the latest images on the main page has slightly been altered to uploaddate, imageID. This way the newest images is always shown first.
30-05-2014 Dutch pictures added The recent Dutch trainpictures have been added. Now we continue with some (old) train pictures from Het Utrechts Archief.
30-05-2014 Upload improved The adding of images has been improved
16-05-2014 Checks added Unfortunately Trains And Trucks recieved much spam in the reactions. Therefor we added a simple spam check. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
06-05-2014 2000 images Today the 2000th image has been added.
18-04-2014 ASG pictures from 2005 ready Today the last of the ASG pictures from 2005 has been added. We will continue with some train- and truck video's. After that the newer Dutch train pictures will be added.
30-03-2014 Image category The selection of the image category while linking directly to a specific image is added.
20-03-2014 ASG pictures We have started adding some ASG pictures from our trip to Sweden in 2005.
17-03-2014 Version 0.05 With the changes of today, a new version went live today (0.05).
17-03-2014 Language detection improved The language detection has been improved. A bug that caused the own choice NOT to be remembered is solved.
17-03-2014 Sort The option to sort images has been added.
17-03-2014 Last pitcture from Per Niklasson added Today the last picture from Per Niklasson has been added.
12-03-2014 1900 images Today the 1900th image has been added. Just a couple more images from Per and we will start a new serie soon.
27-02-2014 1800 images Today the 1800th image has been added.
23-02-2014 New photographer Just the other day we recieved some pictures from Per Niklasson to add to TrainsAndTrucks!
23-02-2014 Digital Sweden ready Today the last of the digital Swedish train-pictures has been added!
04-02-2014 Add news Newsitems can now be added via the cms.
04-02-2014 1700 images Today the 1700th image has been added to trains and trucks!
20-01-2014 Version 0.04 With the changes that were made today, the site has been updated to version 0.04! The next few updates will have an effect on the CMS.
20-01-2014 Language detection Today an automatic language detection has been added. It checks for the broswer language and if it is not Dutch, the user gets the English version of the site. This can be easily altered via the flag - icons on top.
14-01-2014 React to images It is now possible to react to images by clicking on them (to show the large version) and filling in the fields below the image. Your reaction will be shown immediately.
14-01-2014 1600 images Today we added the 1600th image! Because of the new upload tool, that was created recently, we will first add some Dutch images before moving on to the remaining Swedish ones.
09-01-2014 Import script ready The script to import all remaining images from a folder is ready.
09-12-2013 Image clickable If there is a previous image available, you can now click on an image to view the previous one. (only works with photo's, because video has other actions linked to it)
09-12-2013 1500 images Today the 1500th image has been added.
24-10-2013 Pagination from now descending From now on the pagination below a page is descending. This makes searches in google better (as the first page will always have the same images)
22-10-2013 1400 images Today the 1400th image was added!
09-10-2013 1300 images We have been pushing on with uploading the Swedish images and have added our 1300th image today!
04-10-2013 First part of the archive has been added Today the last picture from the first part of our archive (digital pictures of Dutch trains) has been added. Now we will continue with our Swedish trains. After that we will continue with scanned images.
03-10-2013 1200 images Today the 1200th image has been added!
20-09-2013 1100 images The 1100th image was added today!
27-08-2013 Facebook link improved The Facebook link at the bottom of an image has been improved.
06-08-2013 New version online The site version has been increased to 0.02!
06-08-2013 Filtersections expandable Now you can resize the filter sections by clicking on a link. For now there are three sizes (hidden, 4 lines and 14 lines)
06-08-2013 Filter section The filter section did not work in Chrome anymore. This problem is solved.
30-07-2013 Traininfo added Traininfo was added to to search for Swedish trains.
29-07-2013 1000 images Today we have added the 1000th image to Trains And!
28-05-2013 File not found A custom made '404 page' has been added (file not found)
28-05-2013 Translation previous / next The translation of the previous / next links did not work while directly opening an image. Problem solved!
28-05-2013 Link image The hyperlink to an image did not work correctly the first time. This bug is fixed
26-05-2013 900 images Today we have added our 900th image!
26-05-2013 New photographer Today we got permission to show some images of Bert Gortemaker here!
30-03-2013 800 images The 800th image has been added today!
03-03-2013 700. images The 700th image has just been added!
13-02-2013 600 images The 600th image was added today!
03-02-2013 500 images The 500th image is added today!
31-01-2013 Copy values image It's now possible to copy values that are linked to a image.
29-01-2013 Twitter description The description of a Twitter - share is improved
29-01-2013 Category When viewing an image, the category is declared. (trains or trucks)
20-01-2013 400 images Today the 400'th image has been added!
15-01-2013 Improved title The title of the details page is improved.
15-01-2013 Twitter button A Twitter button has been added on the details section.
15-01-2013 Google +1 The Google +1 button is added on the detail page.
13-01-2013 Filter in detail page The selection (filter) of images did not work in the detail page. This problem is solved now.
08-01-2013 Bug in detail page The detail page did not scroll through the selected images.
06-01-2013 300 images The 300th image was added.
06-01-2013 Details page improved. The details page is now using the imageID as its main parameter. This used to be the pagenumber. Using the imageID gives the advantage of being able to link directly to a specific image number.
06-01-2013 New photographer As of today trainsandtrucks shows pictures from a new photographer. Henk van der Maten has a lot of old slides (dia's) that will be added in the future!
05-01-2013 Response time normal again The response time of the site seems normal again.
05-01-2013 Slow site Somehow the site is responding very slow. We have asked our webhosting partner what is going on.
04-01-2013 Thumbnails The thumbnail pictures now have a different name then the bigger pictures. This should (in theory) reduce the amount of data traffic because the browser now stores both in its cache.
19-12-2012 200 images Image nr 200 has just been added!
18-12-2012 Google Analytics The google analytics script was added.
16-12-2012 Improvements for image management The image management pages have been improved.
14-12-2012 Exact data If the 'date taken' is not exact, this is indicated by the word 'around' before the date taken.
13-12-2012 Pagination Some small errors in the pagination have been fixed.
13-12-2012 Filter and page When a filter is changed, the page is set to 1 (so you always see images)
13-12-2012 Puzzle picture If there is a unknown detail (place), this is shown in the detail page of the image
13-12-2012 Image details In the 'detail' page of the image, all the linked details are shown now.
12-12-2012 Home and filter The filter settings are stored when visiting the homepage
12-12-2012 Bug in trucks section There was a bug in the filter part of the 'trucks' section. It is solved.
09-12-2012 100 images Today the hundredth image is added!
09-12-2012 Small improvements Various small improvements made to the homepage and the detail page.
05-12-2012 Store filter The filter is now stored
05-12-2012 Pagination Improved the pagination
01-12-2012 Youtube The Youtube video's are now only shown as a thumbnail. Only when clicking on the image, you will be able to see the actual video.
01-12-2012 Year The available years are now only visible when linked to the current category.
01-12-2012 New images The past few days, new images have been added.
01-12-2012 Description The length of the description of the images is now limited in the first tables.
26-11-2012 New images Added some images.
26-11-2012 Info The left part of the main page now shows some general info
26-11-2012 Image page Added an image page to show the images.
23-11-2012 Countryfilter The country filter is now working also
23-11-2012 Index page The index page now shows images again
21-11-2012 Version 0.01 live The first version of the site is live
21-11-2012 Pagination In the 'table' section with the images, there is now a pagination
21-11-2012 Clear all Added a link to clear all checkboxes.
21-11-2012 Layout filter header The header of each filter section is now dark grey.
20-11-2012 Bug in year taken filter A bug in the filterpart 'year taken' is solved.
20-11-2012 Erase button The 'erase' button is working now
18-11-2012 Label tag Added the label tag to the descriptions of the filter checkboxes. This makes the label of the checkboxes clickable.
17-11-2012 Year taken Added a field to filter on year taken (of the image)
15-11-2012 Improved image filter Images that are not ready for display are hidden now.
15-11-2012 Owner Added a filter on image owner
15-11-2012 Typefilter Added imagetype filter
14-11-2012 Various improvements Various improvements have been made, mainly in the selection of the right category
06-11-2012 Improved advertisements The ad part is now stored in one file
26-08-2012 Filter Started a test file with the filter part
21-08-2012 Fields added The various fields were linked to the images
19-08-2012 Places Places can now be linked to images.
19-08-2012 Default values (un)linking default values to images is now possible via a menu
19-08-2012 Add images The page for adding images is ready
12-08-2012 Function php file After a summerbreak, I continued the development of TNT, creating a php file for the (future) functions.
06-06-2012 Places The webpage to manage places is ready
06-06-2012 Countries The webpage to manage countries is ready
06-06-2012 Fields tool The web pages that will be used to manage the filterfields are ready
30-05-2012 Relations added The table relations have been added via 'InnoDB'
30-05-2012 Indexing The foreign key fields got their indexes
29-05-2012 MySql Engine The engine of the tables has been changed to InnoDB to force relational integrity
24-05-2012 Different technique For the communication with the webserver I am going to use Ajax. This seems to be a better way for the communication since it does not require a page refresh. A lot to learn, so it will take some time...
09-04-2012 Ads The 'ads' section is added
09-04-2012 Trucks The 'trucks' section is also ready now.
09-04-2012 Video's Video's are also shown.
04-04-2012 Page selection added Below the table with images there now is a section that allows you to select the pages.
03-04-2012 Added new pictures New pictures were added
14-03-2012 Links available The links to other (relevant) sites are now available on the 'LINKS' section
14-03-2012 Link table The table that will store the links to various other sites is created.
14-03-2012 Link groups Table added for the storage of the link groups
05-03-2012 Latest images The 'latest images' are now shown on the frontpage.
05-03-2012 Title image The right title is shown when hovering over the thumbnail (before the HTML code of the information table was show)
05-03-2012 Show properties Various image properties are shown.
05-03-2012 No border In Internet Explorer there is no blue border anymore around the thumbnails.
05-03-2012 Translation trainstable The translation of the table that shows the train pictures has been improved (improved Google findability)
05-03-2012 Thumbnails To save on bandwidth usage, the initial images that are shown on the image table are now stored as (small) pictures on the server.
04-03-2012 Slimbox added The small version of 'Lightbox' (a tool that shows images) is added and tested
04-03-2012 First two test pictures added The first two test pictures are added. The way they are presented is far from optimal and there is no search option yet, but that will come.
03-03-2012 Translation improved The translation of the table data is improved (both English and Dutch text is in the HTML now, which makes it better to find on Google)
01-03-2012 IE bug lines solved In the script to hide the table rows (INFO) there was an IE bug. This bug is solved
29-02-2012 Data entry The various (masterdata) tables will be filled the upcoming days
28-02-2012 Table structure The structure of the tables that will hold the image data is decided upon. The tables are created and next is the masterdata.
27-02-2012 Table structure Today I've started thinking about the tables that will store the image links and search tags. A lot of work and not satisfied yet. This is going to take a little longer than the previous 'projects'.
26-02-2012 Information tab is working The tab 'INFO' is now showing data from the database and can be filtered through the category names on the left side.
23-02-2012 Titles added All files have a unique title.
22-02-2012 Latest images header The homepage now has a header for the latest images.
22-02-2012 News link improved The 'news' link was improved, to make the 'Home' hyperlink light up when clicked. (since it has no hyperlink itself).
21-02-2012 Info categories added In the left part of the 'info' site the categories are added.
21-02-2012 Group table created The table that stores the faq groups is created
21-02-2012 Left section added On the left side of the site there is now a black section that will house the filters etc.
21-02-2012 Latest news added Today a new section was added to the frontpage ('latest news'). This section shows the last 5 news items. A page that shows all the news items was also added (available via 'ALL')
20-02-2012 Multilanguage ready The layout of the site is now ready for two languages (Dutch and English).
19-02-2012 Header ready The header is ready, including the 'active' link.
07-02-2012 Temporary frontpage The temporary frontpage was released today.
06-02-2012 Tnt registered Today the domain of is registered
16-01-2012 Fonts and colours selected The style of TnT was decided upon today with the selection of the font and colours that we will use.
10-01-2012 Logo ready The logo of TnT is ready