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General information
Who is TnT? TntT consists of three brothers and one son / cousin
Why TnT? Since we have been interested in trains and trucks for many years, we have gathered a lot of images that might be interesting for others. We would like to share these images with other enthousiasts.
How does TnT work? TnT wants to show as many images with the option to filter them by various criteria and provide background information with the images.
Why only in Dutch and English? This is just a matter of available time, -knowledge and -abilities.
Why is there so much information on development? TnT also provides a platform for the administrator to develop the skills of creating a website. If there is any technique that you would like to know more about, send us an email via and maybe we can be of any assistance.
Why do I get a Dutch site? Tnt has an automatic language detection has been added. It checks for the broswer language and if it is not Dutch, the user gets the English version of the site. This can be easily altered via the flag - icons on top.
Something goes wrong on the site, what to do? Please report a bug error via and we will try to fix it asap.
Is it possible to react on images? You can react on images by opening an image (click on the thumbnail) and fill the fields below the image. After clicking the button, your image will show up.
Who owns the rights of the images? The owner is shown with the image.
Are the images for sale? As far as TnT owns all the rights of the specific image: Yes. It is also possible to buy the image exclusively (the image will be removed from TnT).
When will there be an update? It all depends on the time available to the webmaster.
Can I upload my own images to TnT? This was not the intention of TnT. If you have specific images that you want to share, let us know via
Why does TnT show ads? Hosting TnT does not come for free and these ads give us a little bit of money to cover these costs. If there is any left (which is not very likely), the costs that we make for sharing these images (scanner, capturecard, camera's / etc.) are next to be coverd with whats left after the hostingcosts.
Does TnT use cookies? At this moment, TnT only uses cookies from Google (because of their advertisements and analytics of the web traffic). You can find more info on this here. Maybe someday we will use cookies for the storage of your language preferences, filter preferences and last viewed images. However, this is not high on our priority list.
Does TnT also have a mobile site? Not right now. We have a lot of things on our wishlist that will be given higher priority, but if we have any specific plans, we will let you know.
The total sum of filter values is greater than the amount of images. This is a correct representation as we count the images that show the filter - subject. So one image can show more trains (therefor adding more than one number to the filter values). This is inteded behaviour and (in our opinion) correct. Furthermore, a image can be linked to 'trains', whereby it counts as a image in both categories.
When I filter on 'diesel' trains, there are still electric trains available. This is possible as one image can show both electric- as diesel trains. When you filter on 'diesel', it will show all trains that are shown on images that (also) show 'diesel' trains. This could mean there are also electric trains on the images that are left.
Are my filters being stored During your stay they are stored, but when you leave your explorer they will be gone. Even when you visit both 'trains' and 'trucks' sections, the filters remain stored, so that a filter on country is visible in both sections.
Can I resize a filter section Yes, by clicking on its name (f.e. 'Place') you can resize the filter section.
What is TrainInfo TrainInfo is a small web application that determines if a Swedisch train number is a freight train.
Is the data shown still up to date? Train numbers in Sweden don't change often (the ranges), but if the data is outdated, please send me an email via